Film Room: O-Line Still an Issue for The Giants

by Spiro Kasabian @NYSpawtsguy_spi

Film Room: Offensive Line

Here we are again, folks.  The New York Giants have a new offensive Head Coach.  They have a new Offensive Coordinator and a new Offensive Line Coach.  They have FIVE new starters on the offensive line, and yet, the same product keeps getting put out on the field.  The Giants are now 7+ years removed from their last semblance of an Offensive Line, and it looks like that trend will continue for yet another year.

Our “Dud of the Week” in the Film Room goes to the whole offensive line.

The combination of an immobile Eli Manning and a sieve for an offensive line is not going to work.  The funny and sad part about Sunday nights game is that I thought the “worst” link on the offensive line, Ereck Flowers held up well against a formidable opponent in Demarcus Lawrence.  Make no mistake though, there was not one player on the offensive line that had a good game.

Two Weeks in A Row:  Cast of characters.

Nate Solder has done nothing to prove he has earned his paycheck yet, as he was beat several times in pass protection and did not make much of a difference in the run game.  Will Hernandez is going through normal rookie growing pains that unfortunately the Giants simply can’t afford.  Jon Halapio has been nondescript and is now on Injured Reserve.

Patrick Omamhe is showing us all exactly why the Jaguars did not want him back on their Offensive Line.  Omamhe would have been a prime candidate to get benched had Pio not gotten hurt. Ereck Flowers, as I mentioned before, played average at best in the pass game, and showed little to nothing in the run game.  Omamhe and Flowers side by side couldn’t be less cohesive.

What angers Giant fans the most is what Collingsworth pointed out multiple times throughout the broadcast on Sunday Night. The offensive line isn’t getting beat physically.  Simple stunts are beating this offensive line and causing so much confusion.

This stuff is Offensive Line 101.  They are not picking up blitzes and twists and rushers are coming free all game long.  Meanwhile, Dak Prescott was taking a nap in the pocket and able to pick apart the Giants defense.  It is fair to question the intelligence level of some of these players, or the Giants coaching staff is simply not good at their jobs.

We have seen this script before and there does not seem to be any end in sight.  Unless this offensive line comes together quickly, the plethora of Giant playmakers will not be able to make a difference.  Eli is playing scared, and how could you blame him.  He has not had a clean pocket in, what feels like, close to a decade.  CLEAN IT UP!

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