2020 Hopes & Dreams

No Drama. Just the facts.

1. There is football

2. There is football…with fans (safely)

3. The Giants will not play the Pats & Jets in pre-season (boring)

4. Daniel Jones will fumble 8 less times

5. Saquan Barkley rushes for 1900 yards and breaks Tiki’s record

6. Blake Martinez goes off and shuts up the fake fans and haters

7. The Giants Defense in ranked in the top 15 in total Defense

8. Sterling Shepard is healthy, concussion free and has his first 1000 yards

9. Evan Engram hits the Mark Bavaro’s 1000 yard receiving total

10. Mckiney wins 2020 Rookie of the Year

Bonus: Coach Judge wins 8 games

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