BY Jeff Pilgrim @JeffPilgrim11

The glory days are long behind us.  The days of a fearsome pass rush seem like a lifetime ago.  It’s time for the Giants to make massive strides this season or else it could get very ugly.  

Giants fans have been hanging their hat on two miraculous super bowl runs, over the last 13 years, which is fair enough.  However, the longer it takes for the Giants to become a consistently competitive football team, the more those runs look like flukes. 

The 2011 Super Bowl Giants had a regular-season record one notch above .500 (9-7).  They got healthy, found their running game, reignited a pass rush, and they were on their way. Aside from the flash-in-the-pan season known as 2016 (11-5 regular season with Ben McAdoo), the Giants have not had a winning record since 2012.  Let that sink in.

Joe Judge has been given a very short runway to turn this franchise around.  He may have the toughest task in the NFL.   The first-time head coach, with an extremely limited offseason, will have his work cut out for him.  

Challenges for 2020

  • First job as head coach
  • A brand new coaching staff
  • Starting sophomore QB who just went 3-9 in his rookie campaign with a major fumbling issue.
  • An extremely frustrated, outspoken New York fanbase  
  • Build a roster with very limited time to evaluate
  • Extremely young roster.  This is a group that is not accustomed to winning in the NFL.

A few things working in his favor

  • Saquon Barkley.  A world-class running back on his rookie contract. 
  • Solid offensive weapons
  • Improved Offensive Line
  • Jason Garret – Offensive Coordinator, former QB. A ton of head coaching experience with a proven success running an offense
  • Limited expectations in the first season with shortened offseason
  • Young roster.  Yes, this can be good and bad.  He has a chance to mold these young players and develop something special

It’s a completely realistic scenario that the Giants win only 5 games in 2020.  They should sit tight and not overreact.  Cleaning house for the 3rd time in 5 years will not help the Giants in the long term.  It will set the franchise back even further as a new GM will want “his guys”. 

Joe Judge has a confidence about him which deserves a fair shot.  He has an incredible resume, working under two of the best all-time coaches.  Let’s see what he’s learned and what he can bring to the team. Each year there is a team or two that completely exceeds expectations and finds success.  Could 2020 be the year for the G Men?  Let’s hope so.

It is time for the New York Giants to reintroduce themselves as a force in this league.  

And that’s the point


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