Film Room: Giants Run Defense Non-Existent

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

“It was the easiest 140 yards I’ve ever gained.” “I don’t even know If I broke a tackle (at the first level). I just ran inside the scheme. (The Cowboys’ offensive line) just mauled them up front. Thank them for making it easier on me. (You) got to love the big fellas.”

Ezekiel Elliott – Cowboys running back

The New York Giants are getting gashed on the ground repeatedly.  This continued in the worst kind of way Monday night against Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboy offensive line.  The Giant’s front seven was exposed time and time again and offered no resistance against one of the better running units in the NFL.

Elliott sure looked at ease, running for 139 yards on 23 carries (good for 6 yards per carry).  When Elliott wasn’t running through wide open rushing lanes, he was cutting the ball back against the grain and finding an EASY way to run through the first and second levels of the Giant defense.

The Giant defense, who had gained another big body in Leonard Williams (one of his calling cards was playing well against the run), appeared to be no match for the Cowboys offensive line. 

  • After Monday’s performance, the New York Giant run defense dropped to 25th in the league, allowing 128 yards per game.

The Cowboys were able to control the clock with their running game and took all the will out of the Giant defense, which was unable to make a stop when they needed to in the 2nd Half.  Rookie Tony Pollard also got in on the fun, adding 21 yards rushing on three carries.

The Cowboys got in done running it up the gut and around the edges, finding success every which way.  The Defensive Line was getting pushed around, the Linebackers took bad angles and couldn’t get off blocks, and the secondary offered little help.  When your two leading tacklers in the game are your safeties (Bethea and Peppers with 7 tackles each), that never bodes well.

Spi’s Take:

The Giants went up against a formidable unit in the Cowboys and failed miserably.  This Giants defense is devoid of talent, specifically at the Linebacker position, where Alec Ogeltree and David Mayo looked completely outclassed. This performance comes on the heels of Chase Edmonds running roughshod all over the Giant defense in East Rutherford two weeks ago.

These types of performances are unacceptable and have been commonplace at Metlife for years now.  Dave Gettleman needs to invest heavily in the Linebacker unit this offseason, provided that James Bettcher is still overseeing an overmatched 3-4 defense (far from a lock).

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