Pilgrim’s Point: Job Opening: Giants Head Coach

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The Giants managed to deliver new levels of disappointment and frustration on Sunday, dropping their 6th straight game.  The G-Men lost to the Jets 34-27 and fell to 2-8 on the year.

It has reached a point in the season where it’s impossible to feel good about the leadership of this team.  The head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator have all failed miserably.  We can even include special teams in what has become the debacle of 2019.  Our team continues to find ways to lose.

Saquan Barkley

Last week I talked about getting Saquan Barkley in space and how our coach should stay up all night finding ways to get him the ball.  Have a look at our best player’s stat line from Sunday:  13 Rushes, 1 Yard.  Barkley has now gone 5 straight games without rushing for 100 yards.  We are wasting the prime of a top NFL talent.  How many times can we try to run the ball up the middle for a loss?  Our O-line is neither good nor healthy, that will not work.  No creativity whatsoever. 

Our GM Dave Gettleman comes from the Carolina Panthers.  Have you seen how creative they are with getting Christian McCaffrey the ball?  Here’s his stat line from Sunday for comparison:  20 Rushes, 108 yards, 1 Rush TD; adding 6 receptions for 33 yards.  The Giants leading rusher on Sunday was Daniel Jones who rushed for 20 yards.

Daniel Jones

Let’s talk about our QB for a moment and let me be clear:  He is our present and future quarterback.  One major problem has haunted his rookie season and you know what it is: Ball Security.  He all but handed one off to Jamal Adams who ran the other way for a touchdown.  Each game he has one or two horrendous fumbles that cripple the Giants.  He has no internal clock for when to get rid of the ball.  Rookie stuff. 

He is still adapting to the speed of the NFL game.  This can and will be corrected.  Let’s be fair though, Jones completed 26 of 40 passes for 308 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 Interceptions.  Every fumble he makes this season will make him better in 2020 and beyond.  He is our guy, make no mistake.

Defense.  What Defense?

On the other side of the ball, our defense has allowed at least 27 points for an NFL-high 9 times this season.  Opposing wide receivers continue to catch the ball with yards of space around them.  Man, Zone, doesn’t matter.  Offenses are having their way with our defense and we’ve shown no improvement over the season.  Once again, we started the 2nd quarter with a 14-0 deficit.  On paper, the strength of our defense would be the tackles and supposed run-stuffers.  After the Cowboy loss, Zeke went on to say it was one of the easiest games of his career.  We have no identity and we’re showing no improvement.

Et tu, Rosas?

Even our (former pro-bowl) Kicker contributes weekly to our struggles.  Aldrick Rosas missed an extra point for the 3rd straight game.  It’s a chip shot and there’s absolutely no excuse to miss one, let alone three in as many games.  We have very few positions that are of little concern.  We thought we at least had a placekicker we could rely on.  Add that to the list of 2019 failures.

Pilgrim’s Point:  Shurmur ain’t the guy.

It’s challenging to keep a positive tone in these articles.  I try to find the light each week.  Daniel Jones did a lot of good things and is getting better, despite his fumble problems.  Golden Tate is absolutely shining in a Giant’s uniform, adding another two touchdowns to his season.  Darius Slayton looks like a baller, adding two more touchdowns of his own.  Not a bad 5th round pick from our GM who’s taking too much blame for our problems.  

I may be in the minority here, but I don’t think Gettleman is our problem.  I’m on board with a lot of the roster moves he has made considering the awful hand he was dealt.  Does anyone think our record would be better with Odell Beckham still here?  Imagine this season with his sideline tantrums and constant distractions?  Cool watch, OBJ!  No thanks. 

Pat Shurmur deserves to be on the unemployment line.  However, I expect the coaching staff to remain for the season.  It wouldn’t do our rookie QB any good to change head coaches or coordinators right now.  

Gettleman really failed with this coaching staff.  Pat Shumur is not the guy to lead this team.  He’s had no success as a head coach and this job seems entirely too much for him to handle.  The Giants fan base deserves better!!  We need a coach who is a respected leader.  We need a guy to get the most of his talent.  Shurmur ain’t that guy.  Should he turn out to be a great coach, I’ll gladly eat my hat.

We head into the bye week at 2-8, all but solidifying a top-5 draft pick in 2020.  I hear that Chase Young guy is pretty good.


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