Film Room: Goodson’s Performance Lacking

by Spiro Kasabian @NYspawstguy_spi

Film Room: Goodson’s Performance Lacking

Throughout training camp last year, all we heard about was how good B.J. Goodson looked in practice.  He had great command of the defense, was flying around, and was making loud hits left and right.  Goodson then put on an 18-tackle performance in Game 1 of 2017 vs the Cowboys, and the New York Giant fans thought we finally had ourselves a Middle Linebacker for the first time since Antonio Pierce.

Little did we know, that game would be the last impact game that Goodson would put up.  Between injuries and overall uninspiring play, Goodson’s shine from last year has worn off.  Goodson is simply not quick enough to keep up with anyone in the passing game.  That would be all well and good if he was making an impact in the running game, but that has not been the case either.

B.J. Goodson, through 3 games, has 6 tackles and a half a sack.  Those stats simply won’t cut it if you are going to be the MLB on a 3-4 defense.  There are too many instances where Goodson is getting washed out of plays, not getting off his blocks, and making no impact in run Defense.  When you’re not making an impact in the one area that is supposed to be your strength, that’s a problem.

Goodson’s pass defense has always been suspect.  Goodson has little to no speed to speak of, and that continues to rear its head time after time.  Quick receivers, such as Will Fuller on Sunday, simply have their way with Goodson in the middle of the field.  Against quicker running backs, Goodson is totally overmatched.  Ray-Ray Armstrong continues to get more playing time because of this.  Armstrong has shown to be a much more capable Linebacker at this time.

The Giants run defense is currently letting up 4.6 yards a carry and 111 yards a game.  With his front seven and the attacking style that the Giants 3-4 defense deploys, that should not be the case.  With Snacks (Damon Harrison), Dalvin Tomlinson, and B.J. Hill doing a good job up front, Goodson needs to take advantage behind them.  So far, that has not worked out.

Patience is running thin with B.J. Goodson, and his snap count continues to dwindle.  The NFL is a speed game, and Goodson is having troubles keeping up.  This current regime has no ties to Goodson, and he could soon find himself out of a job if he doesn’t turn around his season quickly.

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