Film Room: Grant Haley Lucks Out

by: Spiro Kasabian @Nyspawtsguy_spi

The New York Giants put forth their best defensive effort of the season last Sunday against the Washington Redskins.  This was largely in part to some shoddy Quarterback play from Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins.  The Giants let up three points to one of the worst offenses in the NFL, but things could have been worse.

In what seems like a weekly occurrence, one of the starting defensive backs struggled.  In week four, Grant Haley struggled mightily in coverage.  Two bad overthrows by Keenum prevented Haley from having a truly horrific game. Those incompleted passes would get Keenum benched.

Haley Burned:

It started with the first play of the game, where Trey “Mr. Irrelevant” Quinn burned Haley out of the slot right off the bat.  Keenum overthrew Quinn, who had at least a yard on Haley. It could have been a walk-in 75-yard touchdown catch to start the game, swinging the momentum in the Redskins’ favor, on the road.

Shortly after that, in the 2nd Quarter, Quinn burned Haley again for what could have been an easy 53-yard pitch and catch for a touchdown.  As you can see from the still shot below, Quinn, on the far sideline had a least 3 yards on Haley with no deep help. While Haley might have thought there was safety help from Peppers, this can’t happen. Keenum overthrew Quinn again for what would end up being his last throw before getting benched.

Love in the Wings:

These plays did not come back to haunt the Giants last Sunday, as the Redskins were otherwise futile in their attempts to drive down the field.  Having said that, they clearly saw something in Haley that they knew they could go after.  Haley has allowed 9 completions on 12 targets so far this season, and a better offense will exploit him.  He will need to turn it around quickly before Julian Love starts taking snaps at the slot corner position.

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