Film Room: Ogletree Playing Out Games as a Giant

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Alec Ogletree is simply playing out the final string of games as a New York Giant.  A week after Zach Ertz took advantage of Ogletree in coverage on Monday Night, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Miami picked up right where the Eagles left off.  Coupled with David Mayo, the New York Giants might employ one of the bottom-ranked Inside Linebacking duos in the NFL.

Ogletree runs around like he’s been in the league for twenty years.  He is slow, plodding and is slow to react to any sudden movements.  Countless missed tackles and tentative angles by Ogletree have led to extra yardage gained by opposing offenses.  He has missed 16 tackles in 12 games this year, after missing 15 tackles in 13 games in 2018.

Ogletree has been worse in pass coverage.  Quarterbacks salivate when they see #47 in the middle of the field for the Giants.

Alec Ogletree in Pass Coverage:

  • 2018: 48 completions on 65 targets; 3 TDs Allowed
  • 2019: 42 completions on 48 targets (109 QB Rating); 3 TDs Allowed

Sunday vs the Miami Dolphins:

Alec was guilty of a defensive holding penalty where he was slow to react to a screen pass.  Unable to change direction quickly, he had to grab Laird to prevent him from making a big play.

Two plays later, on the same drive, Ogletree was juked out of his shoes by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ogletree had Fitzpatrick dead to rights on 2nd & 11.  Fitzpatrick easily gets by him to pick up the first down.  This is one of many instances of prolonged drives because of Alec.

Giants stopped the Dolphins on 4th down in the Red Zone to turn the ball over.  They bailed out Ogletree out in this case.  How many times has Ogletree bailed out the rest of the Giant defense with a great play?

On the first drive of the 2nd Quarter, the Giants had the Dolphins pinned deep at their own 10 yard-line.  Fitzpatrick threw a two-yard pass in the flat to TE Wolford and Ogletree badly overruns the tight end.  This leads to 16-yard gain and gets Miami out of horrible field position.  A better linebacker makes the play here and keeps Miami deep in their own territory.

Spi’s Take:

Ogletree has been an anchor in the middle of the Giant defense for two years now.  His big salary has not matched up with his play.  The Giants are all but certain to cut Ogletree this offseason, no matter who the GM is at the time.  This defense will improve greatly once they can find a suitable upgrade over Ogletree at the ILB position.

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