Film Room: Pat Shumur Takes the Loss

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Pat Shurmur Takes the L

The New York Giants are once again off to a 1-6 start.  Pat Shurmur’s career record now sits at 11-29.  Shumur was hired because John Mara and Steve Tisch believed that Shurmur’s time in Cleveland was a fluke and that he was a great offensive mind.  You can blame personnel, but when it comes down to it, the New York Giants have not gotten better as a team and the offense continues to look like one of the worst units in the NFL.

The New York Giants have WAY too much talent offensively to be ranked 20th in the NFL in Yards and 27th in Points (averaging 19.6 points per game).  In today’s NFL, that is built around scoring points and hindering defenses, the Giants with Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard are somehow not scoring points.  Yes, Eli Manning has been mediocre at best.  Yes, the Giants offensive line is still producing like a Bottom-Five unit.  Pat Shurmur still needs to find ways to scheme up more points than this.

Too often, the Giants are simply being out-schemed by the opposing team.  The Giants are constantly playing behind the sticks and putting themselves in 3rd and long, where they will inevitably throw the ball short of the sticks.  When was the last time the Giants ran the ball 2-3 times in a row? How were there not more screens called for our All-World running back?  You can’t keep throwing the ball short when that is exactly what the defense wants you to do!

Monday Night:

The New York Giants went into Atlanta to play one of the worst defenses in the league that was DECIMATED by injury.  However, when you looked up, the Giants had only scored SIX points late into the 4th Quarter.  That is inexcusable.  This is Shurmur’s offense when it comes down to it, and you are only as good as the production you show on the field.

Shurmur had multiple head-scratching decisions in Monday Night’s game, but the most egregious was allowing a QB that has never been known to excel at a QB Sneak, sneak the ball TWO TIMES in a row with 40 seconds left in the game and no time outs.  You MUST know your personnel there.  You have a new center, and a bad rushing QB.  GIVE THE BALL TO BARKLEY!

We can debate about the call to go for two points when the Giants were down 20-12, but that ended up not making a difference.  I liked the guts he showed on that call, and at 1-5, why not?  You can, however, debate his time management skills in the first half, his overall lack of aggressiveness after big plays, and the Red Zone play-calling.

Pat Shurmur’s honeymoon period with Giant fans is admittedly too short.  Unfortunately for him, there has been a lot of losing going on with this franchise prior to his arrival, and both ownership and the fanbase want to see positive results quickly.  So far, that has yet to materialize for Shumur.  He needs to step up his game quickly, or his seat will start to get hot.

Coach Shurmur gets this week’s “Dud of the Week” award.

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