Film Room: Thomas Again

By Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Film Room: Andrew Thomas with another lackluster performance!

We are six weeks into the 2020 Season and our first-round pick still seems to be struggling to adjust to life in the NFL. I hate to be the guy that piles on but, at some point, we need to start seeing Andrew Thomas turn things around.

People are starting to get flashbacks to our last failed Top 10 Left Tackle, Ereck Flowers. I am not even going to go down that path yet, but the issue is, this coaching staff seems to be losing patience with Andrew Thomas as well. After being benched for disciplinary reasons to start the game on Sunday (late to a meeting on Saturday night) versus the Washington Football Team, Andrew Thomas failed to even stay on the field the rest of the game, because 3 rd Round pick Matt Peart, clearly outplayed Thomas.

Trust & Confidence

When your coaching staff and Quarterback start losing confidence in your starting Left Tackle, that is not good. This coaching staff seems to not wait around until a player starts performing. If you are not getting the job done, Joe Judge is not afraid to make a move.

Sunday troubles vs WFT

After Thomas came back in the game, he remained the starting Left Tackle until well into the 3 rd Quarter. The play the got him benched was the 3 rd and 1 play below. In plus territory, Thomas blew a block on Sweat and probably cost his team the conversion (and possible points off the board).

Thomas, who was pretty solid otherwise in the run game, seemed to think that he needed to wall Sweat off to the outside on this play. Either he was confused about the play call or he completely whiffed on the block, either way, Sweat was able to easily get around Thomas and make a stop in the backfield and force another Giant punt.

Thomas Struggling

Thomas is still having issues with his technique, which I mentioned in my last Film Room session on him, could be because of his revamped pass sets. He also struggled to recognize a twist with Hernandez (a common theme with these two throughout the season) later in the game, which ended up getting Jones hit on his pass.

Spi’s Take

It was not all doom and gloom for Thomas last Sunday, but there is still a ton of room for improvement. The fact that Peart looked better at Left Tackle in limited snaps is something we will keep an eye on. A position switch to Right Tackle is not out of the question for Thomas, especially if he keeps struggling to protect Jones’ backside.

Thomas has another tough matchup against Brandon Graham and Josh Sweat on Thursday night in Philadelphia. Yet another test for #78 and a chance to prove himself to this coaching staff.

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