No Toughness, No Championship: I Want Stuff

By Shane Sharkey

What’s on my mind…just thinking out loud

I want stuff:

  1. A QB with more than 3 months of a college of experience
  2. A QB that will stand in the pocket long enough to see Beckham downfield
  3. A QB that isn’t afraid to show his emotions time to time
  4. A QB that is respected, maybe even feared on Sunday

I want stuff:

  1. A Right Tackle that pancakes defensive ends
  2. A center who gets into scraps when someone roughs up his QB
  3. An Offensive Line that picks up the QB when they screw up.
  4. Guards that can pull and strike fear into those new “hybrid” linebackers

I want stuff:

  1. A Free Safety that is “really” a Free Safety
  2. A Free Safety that picks off 8 balls a season with an unmatched first step
  3. A Free Safety who’s smart enough to allow Landon Collins to make plays
  4. A Free Safety who can tackle.   Real Tackles!  Wrap and drive the legs

I want stuff:

  1. An Offensive Coordinator who knows the weakness of the opponent.
  2. An Offensive Coordinator who gives the HC a diverse, innovative plan
  3. An Offensive Coordinator who never takes his foot off the gas.
  4. An Offensive Coordinator who recognizes he has Beckham and Barkley

I want stuff:

  1. A hip tossing, bull rushing, swim moving, QB sacking Defensive End
  2. A Defensive End or Outside Linebacker than keep QB’s up at night
  3. A DE or OLB with a non-stop motor, playing the pass…and the run!
  4. A DE or OLB who shows up every week, every game, every down.

#5.   I want my team to win again. 

I want players and coaches that want to win. Bring back the swagger, the moxy, the attitude…the DOG that is the New York Giants.   Make a legacy.

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