NY Giants Film Session: Week 7 – Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week: Tight End Larry Donnell

by Tom Peticca (@peticca95)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.

That’s how it feels every Monday after the Giants win this season, because the team has a lot of work to do. But going into a bye week the Giants are 4-3 and riding a 2 game win streak. That’s the positive look at things, however that’s not the purpose of this blog post.

It’s Film Session time:

Lets talk about Larry Donnell, the focus of this week’s Film Session…and Dog of the Week.  While this week Donnell wins the award hands down…let’s not over look the fact that he could have taken the prize on a few other occassions this year.

Waking up early on a Sunday morning to watch the Giants play in London was great. Seeing Larry Donnell fumble on the second play of the game was not.  Donnell didn’t exactly make up for it the rest of the game either.  Surprisingly, Donnell didn’t try to hurdle anyone this Sunday. Most likely because he fumbled away his only catch.

Dropped passes and missed blocking assignments are weekly for Donnell and fans are wondering why General Manager Jerry Reese refuses to re-sign or draft a game changing Tight End.  I had one fellow Giants fan tell me that watching Donnell with the ball is like going to the DMV, you know what’s about to happen, but you just hope it doesn’t end in a catastrophe.

Not exactly the thoughts you should have about your teams staring tight end.  While Donnell does have one stellar game a year or one game winning catch it does not make up for the rest of the season where he is outmatched, out played and the direct cause of turnover.  Teams in the NFL that really want to win…do not ignore this position.  Can you imagine if Eli had Greg Olsen, Jason Witten, Delanie Walker, Tyler Eifert, Jimmy Graham or Gronk?

It’s time for Jerell Adams to get a shot. We’ve all seen what Donnell can do,  he is not a starting caliber tight end, especially because he can’t block.  A below average pass catcher who is a below average blocker has no business being the starting tight end for the New York Giants.  Give the rookie Adams a chance, what is there to lose?  The bye week gives him an extra week to prepare with the first team guys.   If he’s a gamer, what better place to let him loose then in a big game environment against the Eagles.

Put on the film and see for yourself.   There is no reason for the Giants to settle in the talent department.   Like Bear Pascoe once did before…there’s always room for a blocking tight end…if only Larry knew how to block.   Cut Donnell and sign a full back.

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